The Fallen Herald:
Book 1 of Heaven's War
Simon P. Edwards

About the Author

I know that many authors biographies can be fairly dull, so I’ll try to keep this to just the juicy bits (whilst keeping a few secrets to myself too!).

I read my first fantasy novel when I was just knee high, courtesy of my beloved father, Michael. As I recall it was ‘The Far Away Tree’ by Enid Blyton. I’ve not looked back since those heady days, and in my teenage years devoured copious quantities of Feist, Eddings and Tolkien. Now in my (early!) forties, I still relish fantasy literature and regard the greatest living talent as Steven Erikson, who delivered novels of astonishing scope and brutality.

I write fantasy novels part-time and have worked in Marketing for almost 20 years. I hold the Chartered Institute of Marketing post graduate DipM.

When relaxing, and not writing, I’ll be either spending my time with my family, running or playing fantasy games with the ‘Wednesday night crowd.’

I live in Watford, Hertfordshire in the UK.