The Fallen Herald:
Book 1 of Heaven's War
Simon P. Edwards


The Fallen Herald - ChaptersHere you will find the first chapters from ‘The Fallen Herald.’ This includes chapters 1 and 2, where you'll meet the lead characters Thorn and Alazla – how their mundane lives are about to change...

I hope that you enjoy the chapters. If these wet your appetite, there are other chapters on the site for you to read too. If that stills fails to sate you’re appetite, well, may I gently suggest that you follow the links on my home page to where you can buy a copy….

Click here to download Chapters 1 and 2: Starfall and Thorn (pdf)

Other Chapters

Hopefully by now you’ve enjoyed other chapters from ‘The Fallen Herald,’ and you’re also enjoying your journey through my world.  So, since it’s my job to try and keep you entertained, here are a couple more!

You’ll now have the chance to meet Agastalen and Heath, two apprentice Magi who have become caught within the currents stirring Rune.  Oh, and you’ll also get a little hint of what awaits Thorn...

Click here to download Chapters 9 to 11: The Gift, Immortal Veylistra and Corruption (pdf)