The Fallen Herald:
Book 1 of Heaven's War
Simon P. Edwards

The World & its Mythos

Mankind were once nothing more than slaves and food to dragon-kind and their gods. They hunched in filthy pens, on endless plains under a burning jade sun.

And then one slave dared to whisper a prayer. On the wings of that single prayer rose the younger gods of human-kind and they waged war on the dragon gods, in a desperate bid to free their subjects. But they were defeated. Of the one hundred younger gods just nine survived the first war in heaven, and they fled with all that was left of their flock to Rune, the last bastion of human-kind.

Millennia have passed and the war in heaven has become nothing more than a legend. The world of Rune with all its diverse and often magical folk and realms prospers. The divine orders of the younger gods politic and bicker amongst themselves, vying for superiority.

Ambition still lives though. Envy and anger are not forgotten. The immortals are the children of the younger-gods, but knowing their ambition the younger gods have bound their children to the world of Rune by scaring their faces with a single rune, a rune that binds them only to that world. The immortals seek to re-ignite the war in heaven and dream of watching their heavenly mothers and fathers burn in dragon fire.

The World of Rune

Please explore the world of Rune, using the interactive map below: